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How Can Yamcha Become Stronger Than Goku

We’re not here to deny that Yamcha is weak. But the former desert bandit that was once Goku’s enemy when the Saiyan was a child sure had his little moments of glory. Although he’s now subject to a lot of mocking memes and Dragon Ball Super made him a complete failure, Yamcha still knows some interesting techniques – including Goku’s iconic signature move: the Kamehameha wave.

Yamcha had plenty of embarrassing moments in the Dragon Ball franchise, being defeated by many and having his girlfriend Bulma stolen by the guy who wanted to destroy the whole Earth: Vegeta himself. However, Yamcha was still one of Master Roshi’s pupils and the man who taught some manners into Recoome on King Kai’s planet. Recoome was a member of Frieza’s elite team of fighters known as The Ginyu Force. At that point, Yamcha proved to be even stronger than Vegeta, which is an impressive achievement. Yamcha sure has some potential, and there’s at least one way he could become even stronger than Goku.

Summon the Eternal Dragon

The Eternal Dragon can grant pretty much any wish in Dragon Ball, so Yamcha could simply gather all seven dragon balls and ask the dragon to become stronger than Goku.

It shouldn’t be a problem for the Eternal Dragon to grant such a wish. Yamcha already possesses some superpowers, although he has a power level below 9,000 rather than being anywhere near Goku.

For sure, Yamcha deserves more love from the writers of Dragon Ball Super, as he’s far stronger than how his haters want us to believe. But besides getting stronger, the more difficult task for Yamcha is to become more attractive than Vegeta so that he will win Bulma’s heart back. Of course, that would be a suicidal move from Yamcha, as we’ve all seen how mad Vegeta becomes when someone picks on his wife – even Beerus had to face the wrath of the Saiyan Prince.

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