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GTA Online Update Brings More Diamonds For The Players Who Finished Casino Heist

Rockstar released the online variant of their praised game GTA Online back in 2013, and it also brought the Resort and Diamond Casino. Such features were well-received, and players got one of the best GTA experiences so far. They enjoyed the game and the in-game bonuses and rewards from accomplishing various missions.

Developers have been modifying the gameplay and settings as well as the prizes. Those upgrades are being applied almost weekly now. Currently, the newest update variant was introduced on February 13, on Valentine’s Day Eve. Players can now enjoy diamonds as awards, but only if they finish the Casino Heist.

What to Expect From the Latest GTA Online Update

The newest update where Rockstar has directly announced that those finishing the heist will get diamonds. Before, when users played the game and finished it, they received massive cash bonuses but no diamonds.

Those don’t represent real diamonds at all or any cash, and they’re only virtual items that can be utilized to make game buyings possible. The money award before the latest update was significantly large, $2.1 million.

YouTube Advice Available

You can find many videos about how to solve a specific task or level to win a game. Approximately all video games got a fanbase or club of players who keep their page updated all the time with different videos. As for GTA Online, there are many helpful videos from which we might learn a thing or two. Some can help you to find diamonds as awards on finishing the Casino Heist.

There were some players, however, that paid enough attention to all steps and instruction, but still didn’t get a thing. But that was before the latest update kicked in. Reports indicate that the value of the bonuses and awards when it comes to diamonds is somewhere as high as $3 million.

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