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GTA Online: The Nagasaki Ultralight Becomes Available along with Exciting Rewards and Discounts

Another week, another cool update for GTA Online ready to delight our gameplay. This is the usual pattern that characterizes how the developers from Rockstar are treating the best selling game of all time. GTA V still remains with an insane number of players, and they don’t show any signs that they want to slow down.

Considering that it’s Pilot Week in GTA Online, Rockstar is offering a free Nagasaki Ultralight for the players to enjoy. Furthermore, they also have the chance to grab triple GTA$ and RP rewards. And the good news is far from over.

The Dewbauchee Vagner is waiting for you

Going to the in-game casino and giving a spin of the Lucky Wheel has made a lot of players happy. And you can be among them as well. For the current week, trying your luck at the Lucky Wheel can grant you the Dewbauchee Vagner vehicle.

If this beauty is not enough to make you hop into GTA Online ASAP, then you must know that there are new ways of saving some in-game money. Hangars and Upgrades and also Garage Properties are discounted with 50% this week. The FH-1 Hunter also gets discounted with 40%, and the Progen T20 can be purchased with 30% less than the usual price. We also shouldn’t overlook the 30-40% discounts for RM-10 Bombushka, Pegassi Osiris, LF-22 Starling, Coil Rocket Voltic, Western Rogue, and the Declasse Scramjet.

It’s nice to see that GTA 5 keeps improving, and an even enhanced version of the legendary game will become available for the upcoming next-generation console from Microsoft, Xbox Series X. The new gaming machine will become available on stores in December. Hopefully, everything will go according to the plan, although the overall situation from the US regarding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is worsening. There’s a significant increase in the daily number of infections in the States.



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