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GTA 5 Online: New Update Brings Bunker Series Bonus, and Much More

If you were fast enough and downloaded the world’s most popular open-world title from Epic Games Store until today (May 21), it’s time to test it out. And if you already had the game, you should still play it, as it’s simply the best of what the iconic Grand Theft Auto series has to offer.

And while we all know that the developers of GTA V are adding weekly updates for the online mode of the game (aka GTA Online), it’s now time for the upcoming update that will bring along a series of exciting features.

The update arrives today (May 22)

As usual, those who own an original copy of GTA 5 will get to benefit from the latest update, without needing to go through some annoying installation process. Rockstar had to say some things regarding the new update:

“Sitting on a stockpile of less-than-legal weaponry is a dangerous prospect – it increases risk, sure, but it also boosts reward in equal measure

“This week, in addition to Research Speed being doubled, Gunrunning Sell Missions are paying out double, so there’s plenty of demand. Are you ready to supply?

“Los Santos can be a surface-level place: half of the office space is dedicated to agents, plastic surgeons and reality TV production; it’s a city built upon narcissism and vanity.”

The Bunker Series is a new addition that means a selection of firefights that pits the player against his opponents in a claustrophobic space way below the surface. If you become victorious, you’ll earn 2X GTA$ & RP.

Furthermore, there are Bunker Upgrades & Add-Ons that are 30% off:

  • Bunker Styles
  • Personal Quarters
  • Shooting Range
  • Gun Locker
  • Transportation

Last but not least, you can win a beautiful new vehicle by spinning the Lucky Wheel along with the new update. The Grotti Itali GTO became available as the top prize, and you should definitely consider winning one.

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