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Google To Release New Android TV Updates With New Features, Including Stadia Support

Google seems to plan on rolling out a series of new features for Android TV across the following year. The plans include new Assistant functionality, a significant hardware rollout, and support for its forthcoming game streaming service, Stadia.

As per XDA Developers, the tech giant has already decided on the major updates for Android TV, which will take place over the next two years. XDA Developers was present at a conference at which Google had a slide presentation detailing their plans for the Android TV.

Google plans to enable device manufacturers to add personalized phrases to the Assistant, test in-menu ads, and release a Google Play Store revamp that was tested back in May. All these functionalities are intended for roll out this year, as part of an update to Android 10.

According to XDA Developers, next year’s schedule is much more significant. The most appealing news is the support Google intends to offer for Stadia. The gaming streaming service is at the moment requiring a Chromecast Ultra to be used on a TV.

Google To Release New Android TV Updates With New Features

The report also details how Google listed a ‘hero device’ release, which will come with the next-generation smart home functionalities. These features appear to include Google Lens and Android 10’s Live Captions utility.

The tech giant is planning to reach 8,000 Android TV apps by the end of next year, which would also be a part of an update to Android 11. When it comes to Android 11 features in 2021, information is not entirely clear.

XDA Developers claim Google intends to reach about 10,000 apps, reduce hardware fragmentation – apparently via reference hardware that other companies can build upon – and provide Assistant integrations, which would be enhanced and internationally available.

It is unclear whether those features Google plans to implement will make Android TV a top competitor, but Stadia inclusion, say the least, would provide an excellent reason to purchase an Android streaming box over other alternatives.

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