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Google Pixel 5: Unique and Unexpected Design for The Camera

Google is a company that doesn’t need any kind of presentation, as the company offers so many software services that we can’t imagine our lives without. We can remind of the search engine, Gmail, video calling apps like Hangouts and Meet, YouTube, the Play Store, Waze, and so on. But the Mountain View-based company wants to prove that it can be just as active in the hardware field as well.

Since Samsung, Huawei, Apple, and other companies are competing for the title of the best smartphone manufacturer; Google couldn’t be completely left aside in this battle. Therefore, the Pixel 4 phone is Google’s flagship for 2019, and it’s a pretty impressive creation – video recording in 4K, the dual camera setups on both sides, or the 6 GB of RAM can easily be considered highlights. But Google surely wants more in the future for its smartphones.

The concept design of Pixel 5 amazes us

The Pixel 5 smartphone is not even announced by Google, but that doesn’t stop a lot of us from speculating and imagining how the phone will look like or what will it be capable of doing. Sarang Sheth from Yanko Design is among those people, as he created a concept design for Google’s hypothetical smartphone.

The new camera module present on the rear of Pixel 5 will have a triple-camera array, as the camera bump takes the cake because it’s U-shaped. That bump looks flatter and more elegant with the Pixel 5’s colorful rear, as you can see in the image below revealed by tomsguide.com:

A lot of tech lovers had been disappointed by the Pixel 4 smartphone, which is why they’re hoping that the next phone from the Pixel series will erase some of the mistakes. There are a lot of online rumors about Google’s Pixel 5 phone, while it’s hard to decide which ones are credible.

According to some sources, Google Pixel 5 will land on stores this year in October, but only time will tell for sure.

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