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Google One is Preparing its New VPN for Chromebooks

We all have to be honest and admit that navigating online without a VPN these days is cybersuicide, and that’s why more and more companies are focusing their resources in this security area. The Google One app becomes even more useful than before, as an official announcement revealed recently that those who are subscribed to the 2TB plan would be getting a new VPN service. Furthermore, they won’t even have to pay any extra cost.

Users will get the chance of controlling the new VPN from their Android phones as long as the Google One app is installed, and an official announcement says:

We believe an easy to use, highly private, and performant VPN will significantly help improve user privacy and security online. So it should come as no surprise that we want to make VPN technology available to as many users as possible.

For starters, we will provide the service on Android. Over time, we plan to scale it across more platforms like iOS, ChromeOS, Windows, and Mac.

There you have it! Since Chromebooks are using the ChromeOS, they’ll also get the new VPN. Google didn’t clarify when these platforms will get the new privacy feature, but at least we know that it’s on its way.

15GB of storage are free on Google One

15GB may sound like nothing these days, but it’s still better than nothing. With Google One, the user can back up important things on his phone, like photos, contacts, messages, and so on. If the user breaks, loses, or upgrades his phone, everything can be restored to the new device easily. The app allows the management of the existing Google account storage through Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos.

For fees ranging from $1.99 for each month and up to $299.99 per month, you can get between 100 GB and 30 TB of additional storage on Google One and also a plus of other benefits.

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