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Google Maps Discovers New Species of Animal

Over the years, Google Maps had provided the world many beautiful and unique sightings, and now there’s room for another one. Recent usage uncovered a mysterious animal that seems to be a flying rabbit.

You know what they say: Google knows everything. While the huge corporation offers the search engine, Android operating system, mail, blogs and many more, it also brings us Google Maps, which helps you to explore almost every square meter on the planet directly from your device.

The mysterious animal was found in a town from Poland

Users of Google Maps were baffled when they saw in a Polish town a strange animal that looks like a flying rabbit. More precisely, it was spotted when a user was examining the Biala Droga road.

While the animal looks like he’s enjoying life, his presence in the air may be due to the fact that he got hit by a car. A user thought the same and wrote: “Rabbits also often jump when they’re getting hit so that would add to the height.”.

Someone else offered some dreadful details: “That poor guy got creamed – likely broken back, pelvis, legs, multiple internal organ damage, internal bleeding.”

The big question is: is the animal a rabbit or some new species? Is it even from Earth?

Many weird stuff has been found by users playing with Google Maps. Among them are: a naked guy in a trunk, another guy reading in his underwear, a sidewalk sex doll, women having oral sex in cars, guys showing their butts, and people sleeping on the sidewalk, just to mention a few.

Over 5 million websites are using Google Maps. It’s the most popular map service from the web, and it keeps increasing in popularity. Founded 21 years ago, Google is perhaps the wealthiest company on the planet, having 103,459 employees as reported for the first quarter of 2019 and providing many other web services like blog hosting, email, YouTube, the Android operating system for mobile devices, cloud computing, advertising technologies, the browser, the search engine and so on. Google is also involved in hardware manufacturing, like the Pixel smartphones.

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