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Google Maps and Waze

Google Maps and Waze: New Features

Google is doing serious upgrading at its navigation programs, Google Maps and Waze. While Waze, another popular GPS navigation software, is changing its interface. Google Maps displays traffic lights on the app in the US. However, even more curious, it shows legal notices in terms of parking in Austin, Texas.

How awesome for the big giant to own two of the most popular GPS systems. The good news is that Google updates both apps regularly. Some of the features improve the software considerably, but, on the other hand, some changes are more limited in extent. Nevertheless, both apps are great to use, and it’s nice to see the company trying to improve their product consistently. 

Google Maps and Waze New Upgrades

Some of the latest features come in aid to users, mainly due to the ongoing pandemic. A couple of months ago, Google released a very helpful update on Google Maps, making a few design changes to the app. Since then, a few small changes have been made. While Waze makes traveling more exciting, Google Maps introduces a feature available on Apple Maps: traffic lights. 

The feature is quite helpful when you travel to a new area. Although it may not sound like much, users are pleased to use it. According to a Google spokesperson, the idea of the traffic light feature is to “help people stay better educated on the road.” You can use it across the US for a better navigation experience. 

Another newly introduced feature is the parking payment. However, this feature is not available across the entire US yet. 

“We’re eager to work with Passport to aid drivers in Austin pay for parking faster and conveniently right from Google Maps,” Maps Product Manager Vishal Dutta said.

On the other hand, we have Waze with the new voice assistants: Batman and The Riddler. I don’t know how you feel about this, but I think it is quite funny. However, will the new integration become a problem? Let us know in the comment section below. You can switch the language assistant between English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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