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Google Disagrees With The Statements of The Creative Director of Stadia

Google made a great step forward a year ago when it decided to join the cloud gaming movement. The tech giant from Mountain View brought the Stadia service, one that follows the same recipe of allowing users to enjoy high-end games on low-end PCs and portable gadgets.

Several comments issued by the creative director of Stadia’s Montreal studio, Mr. Alex Hutchinson, were at least inappropriate. The man said that players should be paying devs and publishers of the games they stream via Stadia. Behold the statements:

“Streamers [are] worried about getting their content pulled because they used music they didn’t pay for should be more worried by the fact that they’re streaming games they didn’t pay for as well. It’s all gone as soon as publishers decide to enforce [lisencing agreements].

“The real truth is the streamers should be paying the developers and publishers of the games they stream. They should be buying a license like any real business and paying for the content they use.”

In a statement for 9to5 Google, the tech giant responded by disagreeing with Hutchinson’s commentaries:

“The recent tweets by Alex Hutchinson, creative director at the Montreal Studio of Stadia Games and Entertainment, do not reflect those of Stadia, YouTube or Google.”

Google Stadia remains cheap

Google offers a Stadia Pro subscription for a fee of only $10 per month, and this will grant the players gaming in the 4K resolution with 5.1 surround sound. A Stadia Pro subscription will also get the player a complimentary game once in a while, as well as occasional discounts for certain titles.

Google Stadia is also coming in a free version for anyone who has a Gmail account. Those willing to benefit from the offer will receive two free months of Stadia Pro, which is enough time to conclude that they need the paid offer or not.

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