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Google bids out from JEDI contract by Pentagon citing its new AI principles

Google bids out from JEDI contract by Pentagon citing its new AI principles

Google has recently dropped out from running for the JEDI which is a massive contract for Defense Department based cloud computing software by Pentagon that is potentially worth a whopping $10 Billion. In an official statement provided to Bloomberg, the search-engine giant mentioned that the company has decided to opt out from its participation in this bidding process that shall end this week.

The Spokesperson at Google cited that the contract might not align in a positive mannerism with Pentagon’s principles for use of artificial intelligence. The company is in dilemma whether the JEDI shall align with the AI Principles. Additionally, Google is determined that the contract had portions that were actually out of the scope with their present government certifications.

Adding to this the company said that is will continue working with the government in order to support the system with access to the cloud facilities in several other ways. Officially termed as Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure, official bidding for this initiative’s contract started about two months prior today which is set to close this week. The lead contender for JEDI could be Amazon given the fact that the e-commerce company helped set up CIA’s own cloud. However, it has been confirmed that Microsoft, IBM, as well as Oracle are expected to be a part of this run for contract acquisition.

The company that wins this contract, that is set to last at least 10 years, shall be announced only by the end of the year. This project has been designed to accelerate Defense Department’s process for adoption of the cloud computing along with associated services. Only one from the providers running for the contract shall be chosen. This is a rather controversial decision which was defended by Pentagon by mentioning that opting for multiple names to be a part of this contract can prevent the DOD from rapid delivery of new capabilities or improved effectiveness for its warfighter to be enabled by enterprise-level service for cloud computing.

Google’s decision to take back its participation from the contract comes 4 months post the company decided to refrain from renewal of the contract with Pentagon for the Project Maven that involved working alongside the military in order to analyze the drone footage acquired from conflict zones. To this 1000s of employees working at Google filed a petition stating that they do not want to be involved in a direct manner with warfare. This is when Google went on to set up new guidelines for the use of AI technology.

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