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Get Civilization 6 For Free via Epic Games Store

Civilization 6

As you might know, the GTA 5 was available for free thanks to Epic Store. Many fans downloaded the game proving its big success. However, the Epic Store did not stop there. Civilization 6 is now also available for free! Sid Meier’s Civilization is now on the podium! This game …

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Rumor: The Initiative is Rebooting Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark

The Initiative is a new studio part of Microsoft. Due to this fact, people start building up some expectations. The big hope was for the studio to create a new triple-A IP. However, the latest rumors say something different. It looks like The Initiative is rebooting Perfect Dark. Perfect Dark …

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The Sims small competitor is Paralives


Are you a life simulation game fan? Well, then you probably heard of The Sims series. However, this article is about another game that is part of the same genre. The game is called Paralives, and it could actually turn out to be the Sims competitor. Game details Paralives is …

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