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Golden Frieza Arrives to Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Frieza is an iconic Dragon Ball character, and there’s no wonder why the Super anime focused on the guy so much. Frieza is not just a villain, he’s a former intergalactic tyrant who would kill his enemies in their sleep if he gets the chance. Despite him being so evil, …

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The Quick Resume Trailer for Xbox Series S is Out

Xbox Series S

Those passionate gamers who can’t afford to buy the Xbox Series X console can easily opt for the Xbox Series S that’s priced at $200 less. There are also differences in the specifications of the two gaming machines. For instance, while the flagship console has 16GB of GDDR6 RAM, the …

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Sony Reveals The Price and Release Date for PlayStation 5

The wait is finally over for all gaming enthusiasts around the world. Sony just revealed its next-generation console PlayStation 5, and the machine will surely turn many wild dreams into reality. PlayStation 5 will even include backwards compatibility for an “overwhelming majority” of the PlayStation 4 games, so there’s no …

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Top Reasons Why Vegeta Remains a Ruthless Character

Vegeta has been through some big changes along the Dragon Ball franchise. From the evil Saiyan who wanted to destroy the Earth and who actually killed his own henchman Nappa, Vegeta slowly became a loving husband and father. The Saiyan Prince would take down anyone who dares to do anything …

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The Most Improved Players from FIFA 21

FIFA 21 arrives next month for gamers who enjoy their titles on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Windows PC. The game will also become available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X after the two next-generation consoles arrive to the market in November. Besides the announced new gameplay …

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How To Become a Better FIFA Player

Regardless of the version of FIFA you like to play, we all know that mastering the gameplay for this series is not exactly like a walk in the park. Players train for years to become good at maneuvering those virtual footballers, and there are a few simple things to take …

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