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G-SHOCK Prepares Wider Release for its ‘Dragon Ball Z’ Watch

If you’re a fan of Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Trunks, Gohan, or even Yamcha, surely you wouldn’t mind seeing some of these characters every time you want to check the time. But Goku is the most beloved character from the legendary franchise, whether we like it or not. It’s totally explainable, as he’s the most altruistic fighter, and he saved the world multiple times. But for the second part, he could not have done it without Vegeta getting him out of life-threatening trouble.

G-SHOCK knows very well about the notoriety of Dragon Ball Z, and it has prepared for us the perfectly related watch. Feel free to admire it in the video below:

G-SHOCK is preparing for a more expensive rollout of its collaborative GA-110JDB-1A4 timepieces. The orange watch is also known as the “Dragon Ball GA110” and “Son Goku,” , and it’s scheduled for a wider release this August.

Goku is once again the star of the show

The watch is obviously dedicated to Goku, and he was clearly a more interesting character in Dragon Ball Z than he was in Super. In Z, Goku had a much more mature vibe and behavior, especially after his son Gohan became a fighter by training with Piccolo. Goku cared more about protecting the Earth and his friends, and less about becoming stronger. We can’t say the same about the mighty Saiyan during his appearances in Dragon Ball Super, the show that ruined the Dragon Ball legacy according to an important part of the franchise’s fanbase. Many fans were pissed off by the lack of originality, bad animation, and bad story writing from Super, although the show became a lot more interesting during the Tournament Of Power.

Therefore, it’s nice to see such a cute tribute for Dragon Ball Z in general and Goku in particular.

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