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Gnomes at Homely Hills

Fortnite: How to find Gnomes at Homely Hills Locations

Fortnite players can finally enjoy the third season of the game. Like every new season, the Season 3 is full of new challenges. To be completed in the first week, the challenge consists of seven tasks. The same number of tasks will be available each week. This article will help you find Gnomes at Homely Hills, so take your time to go through it. 

Similar to the previous location challenges, the goal for Week 1 challenge is to find a Gnome and press the right button to search. First of all, you need to get to Homely Hills. This location is on the northern outskirts of the map, which means danger. You will have to finish the task before the storm swallows you. However, do not fret my friend. This article will come to your aid. Below you will find our listed locations to finish this objective without too much trouble.

The biggest tip we have for you about this challenge is to complete it in Team Rumble as opposed to other queues. You might not think it is much help, but trust me, it does make a difference. By doing so, you will avoid unnecessary threats, which make touching the objective much simple. Search for your Gnome with less stress. 

Find Gnomes at Homely Hills Locations

a) The first Gnome is very easy to find. Look behind a house with a picket fence. There, in the backyard, is your precious Gnome, close to the grill.

b) From that place, jump over the fence and start walking to your left. Notice the big tree in the open? There is your second Gnome staring at it. However, the tree might be destroyed, so use the mini-map for guidance.

c) The last Gnome is on a tree on a hillside. To make your journey easier, look for the yellow house. 

d) There should be at least a fourth location for a Gnome. However, the above-mentioned location is the easiest to reach. 

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