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Fortnite 10.31 Patch Notes: Batman Event and the Changes Coming to the Game

This new 10.31 update is available for download on Xbox One, PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, besides Android and iOS. However, before the studio reveals all the patch notes, they take the servers offline because of maintenance.

They tweeted, “Downtime for the v10.31 Update begins now,”. In the same tweet, they also said that the patch notes would be available for us after downtime ends. The servers are supposed to be back at about 10.30 am – the UK time, which means that you won’t have to wait long until you would be able to play Fortnite.

When is the downtime happening?

Evidently, the early patch notes are available for us, and the leaks that were discovered by people are also known to us. Epic has written in a tweet that it is time for them to mobilize, because the 10.31 version update is coming today, and the downtime will start around 4 am ET (0800 UTC).

We have heard one of the most amazing pieces of news: Epic Games wants to make a Batman crossover event, which will come with Gotham City challenges and Explosive Batarang. This new item is specific to one of the enemies. It will stick to walls and then explode when opponents are close to it.

The Grapnel Gun of Batman will also make its appearance, together with some other Batman items, which will be sold in the shop. You could also get them if you complete the challenges of “Welcome to Gotham.”

As per Lucas7Yoshi, Epic Games does not want to involve the rift zones in the final gameplay. The company also intends to make map changes to Tilted Towers.

Also, when it comes to mapping changes, Dusty Depot is now going through some changes, because there’s a new structure making its appearance.

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