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Fixing Roblox Error Code 279 is Easier Than You Think – Learn How

Although Roblox is a pretty old game, being released in 2006, it’s still a load of fun if you’re willing to get your creativity stimulated. Roblox currently counts around two million players, and it’s actually a series of games that give the users the opportunity to create their own adventures or play somebody else’s’ games by using the platform.

But still, pesky errors occur, just like in pretty much any other game. Feedride.com previously spoke about the 529 error for Roblox in this article, but games usually never run out of errors. Today, we’re glad to inform you about how you should deal with the error code 279. It’s not an error that most players get rid of easily, but it will surely be easy to deal with once you learn the right formula.

What’s causing error code 279 for Roblox

When you get the error code 279 for Roblox, it usually happens due to connection issues. Therefore, a slow internet connection or the Windows Firewall could be the culprit.

Disable addons

You should try disabling third-party browser addons if you encounter some issues, and see if the Roblox error goes away as well. If you installed an Adblocker on your browser, for instance, such a measure can result in the game not loading at all.

Disable the antivirus

Antivirus software is indeed extremely useful, but it can sometimes become a real pain. Therefore, the third-party antivirus can sometimes interfere with the connection process of Roblox, resulting in not being able to connect to the game. The solution is to temporarily disable your antivirus software and then try connecting.

Disable Windows Firewall

Last but not least, you should consider aiming for the disabling of your Windows Firewall for a limited time. The next step is to try connecting to Roblox again to see if the issue is still there.

These are our top tips, and reinstalling the game is also an option to get it working if other methods don’t work. Roblox is currently available for the following platforms: Xbox One, macOS, macOS, Windows PC, Android, iOS, and Fire OS. This means that the Xbox Series X console will also be running Roblox.

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