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FIFA 20: New Ultimate Team Card of Messi Baffles the Minds of Fans

We all know that Lionel Messi is a fabulous player, both in FIFA but also in real life, and that he can easily compete for the title of the best footballers of all time. It’s true that he had some bad periods when he didn’t perform the way we know him, but that doesn’t count for the EA Sports developers, and maybe that is actually the right way things have to be done.

Therefore, the company responsible for creating the FIFA series gave Lionel Messi a new Ultimate Team card for November Player of the Month, and it can be obtained through a Squad Building Challenge.

96 is the new overall rating

Even for a player like Lionel Messi, the rating of 96 sounds like an astronomical number. And the main problem isn’t that he may not deserve it, but the fact that you’ll never be able to afford to buy such a card in the game.

In order to get Messi’s new Ultimate Team card in your FIFA 20, you’ll need to have a squad with an overall of minimum 88 rating. That’s not all since you’ll need another three 89 rated squads. And yes, you need plenty of hard work and training for your team in order to get it at such high ratings.

Twitter users reacted in funny ways

The high demands for getting your hands on Messi’s card generated some funny reactions on Twitter:

Of course, many can speculate that there actually is very reasonable to demand such things for an outstanding player like Messi. His resume speaks for itself: Barcelona’s captain has won four Champions League trophies, six Ballon d’Or awards, 10 Spanish champion titles, six Spanish Cups, has been 16 times the best scorer of his team, and so on. Messi has been raised by Barcelona’s Youth Academy, and has been playing for the big team since 2005. So there you have it: fourteen years of glory for Lionel Messi at one single legendary club – FC Barcelona.

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