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Facebook Gets Rid of Many Fake Accounts and Pages Dedicated to a Public Person

Facebook is well-known that it doesn’t tolerate accounts that do not showcase the real identity of a person. And while such a policy triggered a lot of online strife, Facebook doesn’t seem to care one bit. After all, it’s totally reasonable to organize things the way you wish in your own backyard.

Facebook is also known for investing a lot of time and different strategies when it comes to identifying and deleting fake accounts. The same happened again recently with 54 accounts, 50 pages, and four Instagram accounts for an important public person.

Roger Stone was targetted

For those unaware, Roger Stone is the former political advisor of President Donald Trump. Facebook employees had a lot of work to do for removing fake accounts made on behalf of Roger Stone and his associates. The insanely-popular social network also revealed that around 260,000 users followed at least one of the pages.

Nathaniel Gleicher, who is Facebook’s head of security policy, declared:

We’ve seen and taken action against domestic political figures using [coordinated inauthentic behaviour] in the past, and we know they will continue to attempt to deceive and mislead people,

Domestic campaigns like these raise a particularly complex challenge by blurring the line between healthy public debate and manipulation.

However, Facebook doesn’t show signs that it will lose any of its monthly active users pretty soon: over 2.6 billion as for the first quarter of 2020. There’s no wonder how the social network managed to gather such a jaw-dropping number of users. Facebook offers a huge variety and useful features, and we can mention groups, video calling, a marketplace, job listings, the possibility of promoting your business, and more. If you wish to find people with similar tastes in music or books as you, there are also the options of exploring pages dedicated to events and institutions, or simply to take a look at somebody else’s profile.


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