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Dragon Ball Super Continues, but Vegeta still Doesn’t Learn From His Mistakes of The Past

Dragon Ball Super is far from over. Although the anime ended in March 2018 and we’re all still waiting for a second season, the manga version is enjoying a lot of attention in this period. The adventures of Goku and Vegeta continue after the Tournament Of Power, as they have to deal with even stronger opponents than before (as always).

Dragon Ball Super Manga showcases the struggles against Moro, a fiend who’s also the ‘boss’ of the current arc. He has been nurturing himself and becoming stronger by absorbing the power of other fighters, which is also not a new idea at all in the Dragon Ball universe. And while both Goku and Vegeta had a hard time fighting this new villain, we can convince ourselves once again that the Saiyan Prince is not receiving enough love from the writers.

Vegeta can’t seem to get the job done

Veggie has been to planet Yardrat to learn some new tricks for defeating Moro, including Goku’s Instant Transmission. Vegeta came back stronger and ready to fight Moro. The big battle began, and Vegeta had the upper hand so much that he put Moro to his knees. For everyone, it looked like the Saiyan Prince will be the hero of an arc for once, but you know how Dragon Ball goes: just when it looks like the evil forces had lost, they are ready to return for another round and packed with improved powers. Vegeta hesitated to give Moro the final blow, and that mistake was enough for the villain to recover and even become stronger. He absorbed two fighters by literally eating them alive, and so the villain is well and even more powerful than ever.

Can Vegeta ever learn?!

The Saiyan Prince made the same mistake as he did before against other major villains. He let Cell absorb Android 18 only to get a bigger challenge, although the stake was the survival of the whole human race. Vegeta also hesitated to finish off Frieza at the beginning of the Dragon Ball Super anime, and that allowed for the former intergalactic tyrant to destroy the whole Earth with a devastating energy wave. Luckily enough, Whis’ technique of reverting time and Goku’s rapid intervention saved the day. But it’s obvious that Vegeta still has a lot to learn.

The Saiyan Prince is a lot different than Goku. Vegeta often allows his ego and pride to cloud the objective truth. While we cannot be sure if that’s the case for the fight against Moro, as the manga dialogue wasn’t very clear, it surely happened that way in the fight against Cell from Dragon Ball Z. But Vegeta’s character changed a lot since that moment, and now he puts his loved ones on the first place. The Tournament Of Power from the Dragon Ball Super anime confirms it very clear, as Vegeta was pushed beyond his limits in the fight against Toppo by his love for Bulma and Trunks. But of course, he’s too proud to ever admit it out loud!

Vegeta’s current problem seems to be that he still cannot win against a major villain for one reason or another. The writers may still punish him for his past as a purely evil Saiyan. Vegeta was first introduced at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z when he did everything he could along with his henchman Nappa to kill Goku and his friends, but also to destroy the whole Earth. Of course, his plan was completely ruined by Goku.

Vegeta fans have all the right to expect from their favorite character to be the hero of a major arc, at least for once. But it’s obvious that he just missed a huge chance to do so against Moro. However, the story continues, and Vegeta can still win this one.

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