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Dragon Ball FighterZ: Watch Master Roshi as He Beats Up His Former Pupils in New Footage

Master Roshi arrives as a playable character to Dragon Ball FighterZ in the upcoming days, and a lot of fans are craving for it. The old turtle hermit was reactivated in the Dragon Ball Super anime after he was left aside completely in Dragon Ball Z. As a result, Roshi contributed to the salvation of the entire Universe while fighting in the Tournament Of Power, leaving even the God Of Destruction Beerus impressed.

Master Roshi was the trainer that taught Goku his signature and iconic move: the Kamehameha technique. Roshi should be light-years weaker than Goku in the present, but that doesn’t stop the old master from tearing apart his former pupil in the new footage of Dragon Ball FighterZ:

Master Roshi means business, and you can convince yourself easily by seeing him as he mops the floor with not only Goku but also Krillin and Yamcha. All of these guys were under Roshi’s command in Dragon Ball Z, and it seems like the master has to teach them all again how it’s done, but by the hard way!

Release Date: September 16 for FighterZ Pass holders

Master Roshi becomes available as a playable character in FighterZ at this date, meaning less than a week. And all of the players of the Dragon Ball fighting game will get to play in Roshi’s shoes just two days later. The old turtle hermit sure deserves to be on the roster, as he can perform some outstanding techniques. Despite the iconic Kamehameha wave that all Dragon Ball fans know and love, the Evil Containment Wave (aka Mafuba) is very powerful as well. Regardless of how powerful an opponent is, the technique can trap him inside a jar forever if it hits.

Master Roshi becomes available as a DLC character in FighterZ after Ultra Instinct Goku became available as well, and we can’t wait to see what fighter is coming up next in the game!

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