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Dragon Ball FighterZ: Master Roshi is Coming into The Game Shortly

You can say what you want about Master Roshi – that he’s an old pervert, rude, or even outclassed by the majority of other fighters from Dragon Ball Z and especially Dragon Ball Super. But you can’t deny that he’s such an iconic presence in the Dragon Ball franchise.

Master Roshi was Goku’s first major trainer when the mighty Saiyan was just a little boy. The old turtle hermit even knows some incredible moves that not even a Super Saiyan can fight against. Bandai Namco, the publisher of Dragon Ball FighterZ, makes the big announcement that Master Roshi will soon be available in the roster of fighters from the fighting game.

Master Roshi becomes available in September

It’s time for Master Roshi to show the world how to handle martial arts. Despite his venerable age, Roshi knows the Evil Containment Wave (aka Mafuba) that he can use for trapping an enemy inside a jar forever. Furthermore, the old turtle hermit was the very first character in the Dragon Ball franchise ever to use the iconic Kamehameha wave. Let’s not also forget that he even taught Goku this legendary attack when our hero was just a boy.

There’s no word for the exact release date, but September is just around the corner. The above footage shows the great master as he battles Piccolo. In the anime, Master Roshi may have a power level far weaker than Piccolo, but the old fighter surely can pose a serious threat for the Namekian.

Master Roshi arrives in Dragon Ball FighterZ after two other powerful fighters became available as DLC extensions – Kefla and Ultra Instinct Goku. Kefla is the merge between two female Super Saiyans: Kale and Caulifa. Both of them gave Goku plenty of headaches in the Tournament Of Power from the Dragon Ball Super anime. What character could we see coming next in the series? Feel free to comment!

Dragon Ball FighterZ is playable on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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