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Dragon Ball Dilemma Solved: How Could Goten and Trunks Become Super Saiyans at Very Young Ages

Goten amazed everyone in Dragon Ball Z when he could turn Super Saiyan at only the age of 7 years old. His rival Trunks achieved the same milestone at the age of 8. Many Dragon Ball fans were pissed when they saw this, saying that the writers of the anime made a big mistake of making the two kids Super Saiyans.

There’s no wonder why the fans were so upset: Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan had to train intensely for many years in order to achieve the legendary transformation. When Goku became a Super Saiyan during his battle with Frieza, everybody thought that our hero became unstoppable and that nobody could ever surpass his strength. Not to mention that Vegeta had his lifetime goal to become a Super Saiyan, and the fact that Goku achieved the form before him was the best motivator for the Saiyan Prince.

Even the official explanation for how Goten could become a Super Saiyan is awkward: he has been trained by his mother Chi Chi, who is supposed to be light-years weaker than Goku. But the upset fans may have missed an important detail…

Goten and Trunks were conceived when Goku and Vegeta were Super Saiyans

This is the best explanation for why the two wonderkids of Dragon Ball Z became Super Saiyans at very young ages. Their fathers were Super Saiyans when they made love with their wives in order to leave them pregnant. Considering that there was no Super Saiyan around when Goku and Vegeta were conceived by their parents, there’s no wonder why our heroes had to struggle for decades in order to achieve the legendary form.

There you go: the explanation is quite simple once you take it into account. Dragon Ball often presents things in an unreliable way, but you have to try to dig a little deeper if you want to find answers.

However, Dragon Ball Super may have made the classical Super Saiyan transformation look frail, but it’s most likely just another misconception.


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