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DayZ Patch 1.07 – Big Changes For Consoles: New Content Available

A new update for DayZ was released today, and the developers, Bohemia Interactive, have revealed all the significant changes made on the Xbox One and PS4.

Patch 1.07 is now available to download on consoles, after a period of downtime and maintenance.

That is the latest build of the game to be released by developers Bohemia Interactive. Further testing will be conducted on PC.

The patch notes

The official patch notes enlist a multitude of bug fixes. They were made public for Xbox One and PS4 gamers to examine. The latest patch also added new content that becomes available right after installation.

According to the developers, the new update also focuses on essential fixes, from small gameplay adjustments to inventory tweaks that were interfering with the player experience since the release of the 1.06 update.

The new content

The new patch includes a new Reaper Carbine weapon that is loaded with .357 rounds.

Fans of the game will also observe the addition of 12ga Rubber Slugs that can be used in a wide variety of shotguns.

The developers announced that the new update also introduces map changes – new locations were added on consoles.

Amusement parks were added. Those are scattered across Chernarus.

“Hello Survivors, the new 1.07 Update brings some important fixes and exciting new elements to the game.” – message from the development team.

The patch notes are quite lengthy and can be viewed on the developer’s official page.

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