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COVID-19 Australian Vaccine

One step closer to finding COVID-19 Vaccine thanks to Australian researchers

The current pandemic has taken the lives of many people. Although some people were cured through all sorts of medication, researchers did not find an exact cure. Australian researchers are going to try a new remedy. However, this remedy is kind of odd. It is based on an enzyme that comes from pineapples. Not what you expected to hear, right? 

COVID-19 Vaccine

There is an existing drug for cancer that is based on the same enzyme. Therefore, researches have found a different purpose for it and turn it into a nasal spray. COVID-19 coronavirus patients will be able to use the new nasal spray formula to combat the virus. 

Unfortunately, the virus has infected many people around the world. According to Johns Hopkins University, over 22.5 million individuals suffered due to the pandemic. However, everyone is wondering when a vaccine will be ready? Thankfully, it looks like researchers are progressing in their work. 

The COVID-19 situation is the US is getting better. Reports show an 8% decrease in infections over the past week. According to Axios, we see four consecutive weeks of improved results. The situation looks brighter outside the US, thanks to a new therapy. 

David Morris, a professor and cancer specialist from St. George Hospital in Sydney, is the person who created a possible coronavirus therapy. Together with his team, he found a new purpose for the BromAc drug. This is another drug used to treat cancer; however, it is still in the development phase. 

If this study is correct, it will stop the coronavirus from going to the patient’s lungs, therefore, preventing the spread of germs. The new treatment looks very promising as the medication includes components that encompass the spike COVID-19 uses to infect individuals.

If things work out as planned, researchers will start a trial with patients next month in Melbourne. Australian researches are using a pineapple stem receptor called Bromelain. This medication is also used for treating burn victims. However, it is ready as a nasal spray at the moment. The plan is to use this nasal spray to stop the infection from spreading to the individual’s throat and lungs.

Here is what Morris has to say about the new treatment: 

“We’ve taken a drug in development for at least a decade and inquired if it can be accommodated for treating individuals infected with COVID-19. Our laboratory results show the new drug renders the COVID-19 spike ineffective, stopping it from infecting other cells. We expect the results will demonstrate the remedy can restrict COVID into the throat and nose and protect against lung infection, and stop infected patients from passing on the virus that is live.”

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