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Billy The Puppet Joins Call of Duty This Halloween – New Modern Warfare and Warzone Trailer

The Call of Duty series is enjoying a huge amount of fans in the recent years (at least!), and we shouldn’t be surprised at all. Both the Modern Warfare and Warzone related games are highly realistic military shooters where the player gets to have a great experience of how war is really like.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare has been reworked for gameplay to be more tactical, and it got new features. A Realism mode was introduced as well, removing the HUD and allowing up to 64 players. As for Warzone, it’s the kind of military game that offers the player a lot of freedom: he can run around with his weapons and shoot enemies, or even jump into a vehicle and do his military duty in a more efficient way. First released back on March 10, Call of Duty: Warzone hit an impressive milestone on the first day of its release: the game reached six million players, and that number grew to a staggering of over 75 million players by the end of its first five months on the market.

Call of Duty goes horror mode

If you’re into horror games where you get to shoot hordes of zombies that come to you, you’ll definitely like what Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone prepare for you this Halloween. Check out the new ‘Haunting of Verdansk’ trailer for PlayStation 4:

Even if the next-generation console PlayStation 5 is less than a month until the launching in stores, it’s nice to see that the good old PlayStation 4 console still has a lot to say. But as Sony announced the presence of the backward compatibility for the majority of the games already available for PlayStation 4, you should trustfully buy a PS5 console and without concern that Call of Duty games won’t work on it.

Are you also more eager than ever to become more frightening in Call of Duty?

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