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Best PUBG Mobile Hacks

Are you a PUBG fan? Then you are reading the right article. Developed by Tencent Games, PUBG has quickly become a popular game among kids and young adults. However, with the game gaining more and more attention, many hacks and tricks are now available on the internet.

This article is about some of those tricks and hacks. We will present you with a list that you can use to your advantage. 

PUBG Hack for PUBG Mobile through ESP PUBG Mobile Hack

For those who don’t know, Enhanced Sensory Perception (ESP) enhances the sensory perception of a player. That means the player will be able to see, perceive details that other players don’t get to see. 

This first advantage comes with lots of features. For example, the player will be able to locate other players and see their names. But that’s not all. You can attack the enemy with a low health bar because you will now be able to see their status. The location of crates, loots, and other similar things will also be visible for players using ESP. 

This hack comes with a few safe steps:

  1. Do not abuse the power of the hack. Don’t play much using it.
  2. In the beginning, use it only in the lobby for a couple of days. 
  3. After you have a bit of experience, use the hack more.

According to some YouTubers, you won’t be banned for life for using this anti-ban PUBG Hack. However, make sure you follow the above steps accordingly to prevent banning as much as possible. Lastly, do keep in mind that using this hack is on you and you alone. Are you willing to take the risk?

PUBG Hack for Unlimited UC on PUBG Mobile

This second advantage is popular among PUBG Mobile users. Would you like to get unlimited UC or Unknown Cash? Well, this hack does just that. You can get anything you want from the store, from outfits, skins, and accessories for free.

Most players use this hack via the PUBG Mobile UC generator. The way it works is that the generator will transfer UC to your PUBG account. All you have to do is wait a few hours and you are sorted.

PUBG Hack for Unlimited BP on PUBG Mobile

This hack will give you unlimited Battle Points (BP). Most players just want to look better when playing. Therefore, this hack is perfect if you don’t actually want to cheat in the game. Are you in need of an aesthetic upgrade, perhaps a new skin or outfit? You can now show off to your friends by using this hack. 

How to Hack PUBG Mobile – PUBG Mobile Wall-Hack

This hack comes to your aid in the gameplay. Locating enemies or friends can be a life savior. Therefore, by using the wall-hack, you will be able to see through walls as well as other obstacles. Take your enemy by surprise with the help of this hack. However, hacks are not allowed in PUGB, so use it carefully.

According to some YouTubers, this hack is pretty much undetectable, but you still need to be careful. Therefore, we have a list of precautions that we advise you to follow:

  1. Do not fire the enemy through the wall.
  2. Do not abuse its power.

The first precaution is very important as ONLY your vision penetrates the wall. Firing a wall is pretty much a giveaway as the bullet won’t go through it. Use this ‘power’ wisely, and you might just become the next Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Reaching the Conqueror Tier is now easier than ever. 

Let us know which one is your favorite. 

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