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Best 3 VPN Services for Your Business

When it comes to businesses, a lot of companies used to buy hardware and licenses for a secure connection of the company network, especially remote. However, times are moving in a fast and modern way, so even the small companies are moving to have a cloud store, apps, and other things they need. The current approach is working differently than we used to know. You now have a new VPN service from which you can buy the software only, and the rest is done through the network and servers in the cloud storage. Let’s see which are the best three VPN services for your business.

Best VPN Services for Your Business

Perimeter 81

This is one of the VPN services that you could buy for your business. It comes for $10 per month and offers you more than 700 servers in 35 locations with five simultaneous connections. We consider Perimeter 81 a top choice because of the sign-in providers that you could choose, for example, Google and Microsoft. Also, the VPN comes with support for all the OS. With Premier, you can set that Admins can audit VPN traffic, the activity logs, and have the choice to select your encryption protocols. For the business plan, Premier costs $8 per month for each user, and the minimum is for five users.


VyprVPN offers companies two layers for the business segment. The first choice could be for the basic VyprVPN for business for $299 per year. You will have a dedicated account manager, servers everywhere in this world, and user management for your IT. This pack is perfect if you have more employees that are working remotely or traveling. The second pack is VyprVPN for Business Cloud. With this one, you pay $349 per year, and you will have a dedicated IP address and server, access to all the apps you have, and more than ten concurrent connections. Both packs have 24/7 support.


This VPN for business is offering you more than 2000 servers in 140 countries, at three different offers. The first offer is coming at $8.45 per month for each user, the minimum will be five users. You will have an admin panel, apps for all the OS, and money-back in 31 days. The next pack from PureVPN is VPN for Teams, which costs $9.99 per user, or you could opt for $49.95 per month if you have five users. You will receive dedicated IPs in what country you wish too from the UK, the US, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malta, and Germany. Also, for $399 per year, you will have a dedicated VPN server for Teams.

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  1. I run my own business and I honestly understand the importance of privacy and cyber security, so in my view, a vpn is a must in this case. Pretty much a year ago I was looking into setting up a vpn (the primary need was to fully secure a remote desktop). So I’ve been searching for a decent service with openvpn and when I went through all qualified websites to see which service could fit my needs, I finally chosen Nord VPN. I’m happy with my choice and would recommend it to others.

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