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Aptoide Update Rolled Out With Improvements For Stability And Performance

Many Android users rely on the Google Play Store to obtain their apps and games since the app is offered by default on most smartphones, and is filled with a rich amount of content. But, one of the best alternatives for the Play Store is Aptoide.

Google also advertises the Play Store as the only source of apps and games since all the content is curated by the company and verified to be safe. However, Android is an open operating system, and users have the option to download and install apps from external sources. To install apps obtained in this way, they will have to enable the option from the Settings menu.

Apps and games that aren’t downloaded from the Google Play source are often available in other forms that can be obtained from a variety of websites. It is essential to highlight the fact that users should pick a reliable source since, in some cases, third-party entities offer modified installation files that come with malware.

Aptoide Update Comes With Enhancements

Aptoide is an alternate marketplace app that offers the option to download apps and games seamlessly. Many developers favor the popular app since it provides the ability to create an interactive store which can be used to distribute your content.

Some voices argued that Aptoide is not as safe as the Google Play Store, but this is not true. While Aptoide lacks the Play Protect feature, which scans apps in real-time, all the content that is offered on the marketplace is verified before it is released for the public. Aptoide is also working with several smartphone manufacturers to deliver content for their proprietary app stores.

The developers behind the app also offer the option to use AppCoins, a popular cryptocurrency that was introduced in 2017 by the team. By using the blockchain standard, the developers can provide improved advertising features and other handy tools for developers and users alike. The new Aptoide comes with new stability and performance improvements.

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