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Apple Music support for Black Lives Matter

The music industry is supporting the Black Lives Matter movement via a campaign called ‘Black Out Tuesday.’ Apple Music is also joining this campaign to bring recognition to color racism. 

The death of George Floyd in the Powderhorn community of Minneapolis, Minnesota, has pushed people all over America to riot against the police violence. On May 25, 2020, a policeman has knelt on Floyd’s neck for almost nine minutes causing him to have a cardiac arrest. 

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple company, has supported this movement on Twitter. Protests are happening all over the US as well as around the world. This is a wake-up call to humanity. 

Apple Music support

Apple Music is usually hosting the Beats 1 radio regularly. However, now they are using their schedule to spread their support for this cause. Everyone who is trying to listen to Beats 1 radio is now being redirected to a single streaming station that celebrates the best in black music. This applies to iOS as well as macOS users. 

For You and Radio tabs services are focusing on one single playlist at the moment. The playlist is called ‘For Us, By Us’ and it features all sorts of black artists.

This is what some Apple Music users may encounter on the app:

Apple Music

However, this is what most users see: 

Apple Music

Of course, the new layouts are not affecting the use of the app. Users still have access to the music library, or can search for songs as usual. 

In order to bring people together, Apple Music also offers a live streaming station. People can listen to the same music, no matter where they are from. The radio stream also shares a small speech to bring more awareness to the Black Lives Matter movement. 

“This moment calls upon us all to speak and act against racism … we stand in solidarity with black communities everywhere,” is the sort of message that can be heard during the radio stream. 

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