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All there is to know about Outriders, features, release date

The video game industry has improved a lot over the years. Thanks to the advanced technology and people’s demands for better game experience, we can now enjoy some really great games. One of the games that players are waiting for is called Outriders. One could say Outriders is the most awaited game to come in 2020.

Features and platform availability 

The game is part of the third-person shooter genre. People Can Fly developed the game; however, it was published by Square Enix. The game will be available on the Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox series X platforms. 

The player needs to pick a class of the four provided in the game: Trickster, Pyromancer, Devastated and Fourth. But what are these classes about? Trickster is the class that manipulates time. The second class, Pyromancer, allows the player to manipulate fire. If you want to unleash seismic attack, pick the Devastated class. As for the last class, Fourth, the power is unknown.

The duration of the game is about 25-30 hours. However, it does offer side missions and many other exciting features. 

Game details

The action of the game takes place in a sci-fi universe. Humans are trying to capture an alien planet Enoch, but they are faced with a new challenge, the Anomaly. This energy storm imparts superpower to both humans and aliens.

The maps in the game are enormous. Plus, there are also side areas and hubs. 

Release Date

The game was scheduled for release during this year’s summer. However, it was postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Therefore, we expect it to come out during Holiday 2020. Rumor has it that the Outriders video game could launch anytime between October to December.

We can’t wait to find out more about the game! What is your opinion so far? 

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