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Elden ring

All there is to know about Elden ring, pre-orders, release date

Elden ring is part of the action role-playing game genre. The game is full of interesting details, and the dark fantasy spice just gives the game the right taste. There is not much information about the upcoming game; however, a trailer is out, and we are here to discuss all the important details. If you are curious to know more about Elden ring, read below. 

Streaming details

We don’t know exactly when the game is coming out, but we know the platforms it will arrive at. Oddly enough, the game was announced to come on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but what about the upcoming next-gen consoles? There is no information regarding the PS5 and Xbox Series X platforms. It is also a bit strange that the internet is quite about any possible release dates. 

Fans were expecting more details regarding the release date on June 11, but no word came out. However, we did learn that the demon’s souls are getting a PS5 to remaster. 

Multiplayer game

Is Elden Ring going to be a multiplayer game? We don’t know. But we should find out more sooner or later. 


What we do know for sure is that you can already pre-order the game. The game is available for selling on Amazon, Best buy, and other similar sites. However, if you place the order now, you might end up waiting for months until the game is released. The placeholder date is on December 31. However, the game could be released in 2021. 

Trailer details

Until further notice, let’s focus on the trailer- the only piece of official evidence we have. The trailer was released during E3 2019; however, it doesn’t feature a lot of info. 

All we get from the trailer is a wide range of possibilities to destroy things and create chaos or calamities in the world. You can watch the 2-minute fantasy virtual below: 

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