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Code Geass Season 3

All there is to know about Code Geass Season 3

Are you an anime fan? Then you must be familiar with Code Geass already. This animation is very popular; it is one of the most-watched animes worldwide. Fourteen years ago, the first episode of the Code Geass aired. The series is produced by ‘Sunrise,’ Mainichi broadcasting system in partnership with ‘Project Geass.’ 

Over time, the show has become more and more popular, creating a vast solid fan base. People fell in love with the Japanese mecha anime series directed by Goro Taniguchi, and we can see that even today. You can find the show on Netflix, so give it a try. The show was first written by one of the renowned authors’ Ichiro Okouchi’.

 If you are not that interested yet, read below, you might change your mind. 

Code Geass shining road

The first season of the series was a big success. Therefore, the show started to gain more and more followers and views. The first episode was launched on October 5, 2006, followed by a second season on April 6, 2008. 

Even with the two-year gap, the show fan base continued to grow. Fans started to think about the animation as the story of the ‘Black Prince.’ And that for good reasons, as Lelouch is one of the main characters of the series. Season 1 was a success as well as the second season; therefore, fans are waiting for a third season to come out.

The Plot

Let’s have a short look at the plot of the animation. The story is about the exiled prince, Lelouch Vi Britannia, also portrayed as the “Black Prince.” If you are looking for a long series to watch, Code Geass has 50 episodes. 

The world of the Black Prince is led by three superpowers- the ‘Holy Brittania,’ the ‘Chinese Federation’, and the ‘European Union.’ However, things take a drastic change when Japan is conquered by Britannia’s empire, becoming Area 11. The residents of Area 11 are called Elevens, and their faith becomes sourer over time. But, despite the whole crisis, Lelouch is prospering. 

Season 3 

There is a huge gap between Season 2 and a possible Season 3. However, this situation did not extinguish the fans’ hope. Therefore, Season 3 of the Code Geass won’t be a surprise. Unfortunately, we don’t have any news regarding the next season. There is no trailer coming out. At least, nothing that we heard of. One sure thing is that the show is not canceled. Therefore, the hope of the fans can stay alive. 

Future of season 3

Each season of the series is formed of 25 episodes. Therefore, the third season should have the same number of episodes. However, for now, there is no news regarding the release of the show. The show’s plot has captured the heart of many fans who are still remaining true to the show. Therefore, it would be sad for a third season not to come out. 

We can see in the previous seasons that the plot was about a different alternate reality. In this reality, the Holy Empire of Britannia is becoming a conquering and dominates his ordinance to Japan’s residents. The result is Japan losing the war versus Tyrants. If there is a third season coming out, the story will likely continue where it was left in Season 2. We are expecting a whole sequel if ever aired.

Release Date

We already said above that there is no rumor surrounding an upcoming season of the series. But, what about a revamp? There is no news about that either; however, it could be a possible outcome. 

However, the series of the Black Prince is still very much loved by the audience. Plus, people keep rewatch it. 

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