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A Dragon Ball Super Marathon is Coming Soon

The Dragon Ball Super TV show has its ups and downs, but it’s still the continuation of the legendary Dragon Ball Z anime. Super brought a slightly different perspective into the Dragon Ball world, introducing gods and mortal battles with opponents that weren’t actually evil. Furthermore, the show boosted up those power levels even more and way over 9000!

Even though Dragon Ball Super is over since March 2018, a new season is expected to arrive on the screens soon. But until that glorious moment, we are free to delight our views with the upcoming Dragon Ball Super marathon announced by Toonami.

Episodes 60-67 are all arriving on July 4th

Toonami itself announced that it will be airing Episodes 60 to 67 of Dragon Ball Super this week. The great event will occur on Saturday, July 4th, from 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM EST. The episodes are presenting the battles against Zamasu and Goku Black, as our heroes are trying to save Trunks’ timeline. Vegeta had his moments when he shined against a major villain, as he gave Goku Black the pounding of his life. Goku didn’t also fall short, as he taught some manners into Zamasu by firing a destructive Kamehameha wave at him. During these battles, Vegito first appeared in the Dragon Ball Super series, and he went full power with his Super Saiyan Blue technique.

The ending of the Goku Black arc is truly epic, and there’s no use spoiling if you haven’t watched it. After the anime’s end, a movie was released carrying the ‘Dragon Ball Super’ label. Known simply as Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the movie unfolded a new story regarding the terrifying and legendary Super Saiyan. Broly came filled with anger this time to destroy Vegeta, wanting to revenge an old reckoning between the fathers of the two Saiyans.

Dragon Ball Super will surely return to the big screens one day, as the related manga continues to be very active.

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